We can create vintage style wedding dresses with any type of customizations you need.

vintage style wedding dresses with long sleeves from darius cordell

Vintage Style Wedding Dresses

For many years some brides have leaned towards a more romantic style of gown that lends it self back to an older time.  these vintage looks have a distinctive and elegant appearance.  Opting for a vintage dress is a clear starting point for those looking to incorporate anything archival into their wedding day. A vintage dress is not only a piece of fashion history, but—when sourced from a trusted dealer or seller—it is more artfully crafted than a machine-manufactured gown, and preserved to withstand the test of time. Choose a seller who knows the history of their garments, and can point out any and all flaws in their pieces so that there are no surprises; they’ll also be the best resource regarding trusted tailors for alterations and tips on cleaning and preserving your gown post-wedding.

The team at Darius Cordell can create vintage style wedding dresses like this for you with ease.  You can show us a picture of a design you like and we can replicate it for you.  You can use any images you have as inspiration for your bespoke design.

pricing for our made to order garments normally start around $800.  But depending on the intricacy of the dress it may average around $1600.  For more info on vintage style wedding dresses with long sleeves please fill out the contact form and we will get back to you immediately.