Frequently Asked Questions

  • Using words or images communicate what you want (or don't want) on your order form (or separate document).  We will then make your garment according to those personal preferences.
  • Pick a size from our size chart or have someone locally take your measurements using our personal measurement form.
  • Send us your order form & deposit payment (and measurement form if you choose that option).
  • We start production of your garment.
  • Right before your item is ready to be shipped we obtain your final payment.
  • Your item is shipped to you.  It's just that simple.
We do not take orders or payments over the phone.  You can send your order forms by....
  • SCAN - Scan the forms and then email them as an attachment to  You can use a service like to take an image of your forms and send them to us.
  • FAX - Fax to 972.712.4242
  • MAIL - Mail to P.O. Box 5624 Frisco Texas 75035
  • PDF - we can email them to you as a PDF for you to fill out and return via email.
  • The designs on our site start in price around $500 and increase based on embellishments, construction difficulty and/or hand work involved.
  • Most replicas & custom designs are priced from $1000 and go up from there (but it can vary with each design based on embellishments and the amount of hand work involved).
We offer TWO types of pricing.....
  • A' La Carte Pricing - We provide you with an estimated production cost.  You can then add in what you need (i.e. personal measurements, custom changes, rush production, varied shipping methods, fabric/color swatches, sketches, consultations or any unique & special assistance requested or required by the client that is outside of the norm).  This type of pricing allows for a client that does not need as much of our time or services to ultimately have a lower cost that is based on only what they need or require from us.  We request a 50% deposit of the estimated base price.  The final total can not be calculated until the custom garment has been completed and the buyer no longer needs our time and/or services and is based on all that is requested and/or required by the client during the entire process.  We will ship your garment once the balance is paid.
  • Flat Fee Pricing - This is an all inclusive pricing style.  Flat fee pricing will be higher than an a' la carte base price.  However the price is set and will not change based on your needs during the process.  We prefer full payment instead of a deposit for flat fee pricing.
Other Disclosures:
  • All prices quoted are the mail order prices only and do not include the standard mark up for face to face assistance.  This allows the client to pay a near wholesale price when they are able to submit their orders to us like our long distance clients.
  • Heavily beaded or excessively embellished designs will of course be higher than dress with little to no embellishment.
  • We offer reduced pricing for multiple piece orders and for group orders.
  • All estimates given are based on polyester content fabrics unless otherwise noted.  Dresses made in silk are approximately 70% higher than those made in polyester.
  • All prices & estimates we provide are based on mail order pricing.
  • The normal compensation for face-to-face assistance is not built into our pricing or estimates. That is how we are able to get our custom made to order garments down to near a wholesale price point.
  • We do not stock inventory.  So we do not sell from off the rack salesman samples that were not made for you.  Everything we do is made to order specific to the individual and their preferences.  Therefore there is nothing for a client to try on.
  • The entire custom process is done via phone, email, fax & mail.  So we do not offer appointments.
  • Measurements can be taken by your local tailor or someone you trust who can follow the diagram on our personal measurement form.
  • If you submit the correct measurements there will be no need for alterations when your garment arrives.
  • If you happen to change in shape or size anyone of your neighborhood tailors can easily assist you right before your wear date.
  • All of our local and/or nearby clients are submitting their orders in the same manner as our long distance clients from all over the globe.  Please see the process topic on our Q & A page for more information.
  • STANDARD ORDER - production can take approximately 12 weeks
  • RUSH ORDER - production can take approximately 8 weeks - add 15% surcharge
  • SUPER RUSH ORDER - production can take approximately 4 weeks - add 20% surcharge
It is commonly known that most clients order their custom garments (especially wedding dresses) about 6-12 months before the date.  Even though we can do pretty quick production times when necessary rush orders are still not ideal - especially for one time occasions or weddings. So regardless of the time frame you have it is always wise to allow as much time as you possibly can for custom made to order designs - even if you are in the process of losing weight.  For it is obviously better to have your neighborhood tailor take a dress in a few inches rather than receive a dress too close to the wear date. Things like heavily beaded items, highly embellished or intricate designs, major changes to a design or totally custom garments & replicas can potentially add to the estimated production times.
  • Replicas - If you are requesting a replica of a dress just know that you can never order too early.  The more time we have to perfect replica dresses the better and closer it will look to the original.
  • InStock - If you do not have the time to have a dress made new then please see our In-Stock items by going to the website menu or click here.
  • You can either pick a size from our size chart or you can have your item made in your specific personal measurements (for a surcharge of 15%).
  • To see the size chart please click here.
  • To get the personal measurement form click here.
  • ALL designs can be made in any size you want or in any measurements you need.  
  • Sizes from our size chart 16 or above are considered plus size and may inccur an additional fee.
  • Your neighborhood tailor can easily take your measurements for you and assit you with any alterations you may need, if any.
TRYING ON DRESSES - We sometimes need to remind clients that off the rack shopping with pre-made samples is extremely different than ordering a custom made to order garment.  One should not use an off the rack mentality when considering having a garment custom made to order.  The sample you try on from off the rack is not made specific to your body length, torso, depth, neckline, etc.  This is why some clients will dismiss the design and think the design wont work or doesnt "look good" on.  But there could be nothing wrong with the design and it simply needs to be made specific to your body shape, length, torso, etc.. When a design is actually made specific to the client the odds of it not working out are extremely low - unlike anything you try on off the rack which was not made specifically for you.  Therefore off the rack fitting is not the best tool to use to decide if a design (that is being custom made to order/measure) will work.  The best way to decide if a design will work for you is to ask yourself what part of my body do I want to cover and what part of my body do I want to show.  This will dictate the proper design for you.  Then all you have to do is have it made specific to your body shape, torso, etc...(unlike anything that you would try on off the rack that may not hit in the proper places.)
  • All designs shown on our site can be made in any fabric you want, if there is a preference.
  • You either tell us the name of the fabric, send us an example, send us the yardage, tell us the characteristic you want the fabric to have (soft, flowing, stretchy, etc...) or simply leave it up to the designer to make it as pictured if there is no preference.
  • For more detailed information on fabrics please go to our FABRIC PAGE by clicking here.
  • We can produce your dress in any color or colors you like.
  • You can choose a color from our color chart. Or you can send us an example of the color you want. 
  • For more specific information about color options please click here.
  • You can make absolutely any changes you may need or want to any design.
  • Adding a jacket, changing a skirt, adding a sleeve, or whatever you need is ok.
  • We will not suggest what changes you may like or want.
  • Change request are communicated in the special request section of the order form.
  • Design change fees may be applied depending on the type of changes that are requested.
  • Requesting a special measurement is not considered a change to the design.
  • Most major design changes will cost no less than $100 but this estimate can vary depending on the request, change, embellishment, or time involved to incorporate the change.
We can produce any type of custom wedding or evening dress, in one of two ways...
  • Pictures - We can use any picture you have as inspiration for your custom dress.  We can also make changes to the design to make it your own.  This is the least expensive way to produce a custom dress with our company.  Just email us the pictures you want to use as inspiration and we will respond with an estimate.
  • Sketch - If you do not have a picture to help explain what you want we can sketch a custom design for you. Simply provide us with a written description to help describe what you want in regards to the cut of the garment - listing any & all preferences, likes, dislikes, requirements etc.  A good rule of thumb is to tell us what you want to hide and what you want to show.  Our design team will then compile all of those preferences together in a design for you.  A non-refundable good faith deposit of $250 is required prior to sketch work.  This amount will of course be applied to your over all invoice should you decide to proceed with the custom garment.  Producing a custom garment via a sketch will ultimate cost more than working with a picture as a base design and making changes.
Custom designs start from $1000 and go up from there depending on the detail, embellishments and amount of hand work involved.
We can replicate any bridal or evening dress from a picture either as shown or with any changes.  Our only limitations are a clients price range or time line.  So just go to our contact us page and email us the website link or picture attachment to show us what you are considering.  (If you want it made with changes please indicated that as well.)   We will then reply back with pricing for your further consideration.  Most replicas (or custom designs) are priced from $1000 and go up from there.  But it can vary with design based on embellishments and the amount of hand work involved. It is wise to allow as much time as possible for the production of a replica dress.  The more time we have the closer we can get to the original (with your preferred price range taken into consideration as well). There are several ways to get a dress to cost less but look similar. One of the easiest ways is to simple change the fabrication from a silk based content to a poly based content.  This can change prices significantly.  Another is machine beaded fabric vs hand beaded fabrics.  These are just a few.  But realistically no replica can be 100% exactly like the original couture garment.  It would not be rational to think that a $1,000 dress will be 100% exactly the same as a $10,000 dress. Keep in mind that designs with more intricate lace & embroidery detail or designs that are heavily beaded & embellished will be harder to replicate than those that are less detailed.  For example a fabric dress with no embellishments will of course be much easier to replicate than a dress that is fully beaded.  If you feel you must have the dress 100% as the original we urge you to purchase from the original designer.  But if your budget does not allow for the original price and you can accept an actual replica of the original that is very similar then we would love to assist you.  Many times we will get asked "how close" can we get.  Things like the budget, time allowed, image quality and size are major factors.  But in general the degree of closeness is extremely subjective.  What one may feel is close another may not.  Nevertheless, the obvious goal is to make the item look as close to the original as possible.  You should be able to take a picture of the original and a picture of your version and very easily be able to tell one was inspired by the other.  It would serve us no purpose to ship the garment otherwise - hence our return policy.  To see examples of some replicas we have done in the past click here.
You can send payments in the following ways:
  • CREDIT CARD - Fill out the credit card authorization form if you want us to process your card.
  • ON-LINE - Upon request we can email you a link to click where you can pay with a credit card on-line.
  • BANK ACCOUNT - You can pay directly from your bank account with to
  • PAYPAL - We only accept for instock purchases (not made to order) to
  • WESTERN UNION - Contact us for WU details. You can also use a credit card with WU.
  • CHECK - Please mail to P.O. Box 5624 Frisco Texas 75035
We offer a 10% DISCOUNT off the production cost if you use your AMERICAN EXPRESS card for your payment. We request the standard 50% of your estimated production cost for your deposit.  In some cases for larger orders 30% is acceptable.  After the inital deposit is received partial payments can be made during production. The balance is due once your garment is complete prior to shipping. For rush orders (and price incentives offers) we prefer the full estimated production cost to begin production.  We do not take payments over the phone.
We do not take orders or payments over the phone.  You can send your order forms by....
  • SCAN - Scan the forms and then email them as an attachment to  (You can use a service like Camscanner or IScanner to take an image of your forms and email them to us).
  • FAX - Fax to 972.712.4242
  • MAIL - Mail to P.O. Box 5624 Frisco Texas 75035
  • PDF - we can email them to you as a PDF for you to fill out and return via email.
  • INSTOCK - Returns allowed but a restocking fee would be applied.  Item must be in same condition as sent and not worn.  Any claim must be made within 24 hours of receipt.
  • MADE TO ORDER - No refunds on made to order items - merchandise credit only.  However, if there is an error on our part we will obviously correct the item or issue.  All claims must be made within 24 hours of receipt.
  • REPLICAS - Obviously no replica is going to be exactly like the original.  However the point is to get as close as possible to where if both dresses were side by side it would be obvious one was made to look like the other.  But if for any reason you feel your replica does not at the least resemble the original (and if it can not be fixed or addressed) then we will allow you to return your replica dress less a restocking fee of 15%.
  • CUSTOM ORDERS - No refunds on custom orders.  However, if you ordered your dress from a sketch, combined several styles to make a design and/or were unable to see a complete picture of the main design prior to purchase and if you are not satisfied with the end result we will allow you to return the item to have it changed, corrected or exchanged for a different design - one time only. Processing & restocking fees may be applied.
  • All cancelations must be requested within 48 hours of submitting the deposit.
  • Deposits are non-refundable after 48 hours of being submitted.
  • Rush orders can not be canceled once payment is received and confirmed.
  • We will ship to any location worldwide that or delivers.
  • Shipping in the US is free for items in-stock that are already made
  • Shipping for custom made to order garments will vary on size, weight and location from zip code 75034.  You can check with your favorite carrier to get an estimate of the potential cost.