Do you have pictures of dresses you have replicated?

Replica of Galia Lahav Replica Dress - Alison

Pictures of Replica Dresses

So many times clients will want us to prove that we can make a version of a haute couture dress that will look similar.  these images are actaully all over our website.  But sometimes they are overlooked.  So in this blog post we will post just a few of the custom designs we have made that were inspired by images provided to us by our clients.

Replica for Rebecca

Replica from Internet

Replica of Givenchy Evening gown with changes

replica of red plus size wedding dress

Replica of Tori Spelling Wedding Dress

Inspired evenin gown replicas from Darius Cordell

Replica of Inbal Dror

Replica of Naeem Khan

Replica of Galia Lahav Replica Dress - Alison

Replica of Maggie Sottero dress Serencia

Replica from internet for prom dress

Replica of Demetrios

Replica of a Pronovias

Replica of Diana Ross Dress

Replica of Pronovias strapless

Replica of a Berta Wedding Dress

Style #97146-1 Replica of a Berta long sleeve wedding dress

Replica of Neimans Dress

Berta Inspired lace wedding dress made by dress designer Darius Cordell

Keep in mind a clients budget, time frame, size, quality of pictures and personal change request can all affect the outcome of a replica dress.

Clients can also simply review images of the products we have produced in teh past by browsing our catalog.

If you are searching for something specific you can use the seach tool on our website as well.

We can make any type of custom dress that is based on and inspired by your favorite design.  Just email us the picture for pricing.   We hope to hear back from you soon.

Do many brides wait to the last minute and order wedding dresses on a Rush? No, and there is a reason why!

Bride running late becasue of a rush order on her wedding dress - Darius Cordell

Rush Orders are not discouraged by our dress design firm.  But understandably rush orders are also not ideal for any bride.

It is wise for all brides who are ordering #weddingdresses for what some would say is the most important day of their life to allow as much time as possible for production AND the shipping process to avoid any potential problems.

Even though we will do all we can to make a garment on a rush in approxiamtely 8 weeks (and sometimes depending on the design in as little as 2-4 weeks) it is still not the ideal situation.  It can be stressful and cause some brides to panic and become overly emotional.  This is not the feeling you want weeks before your wedding.  

Some brides overlook it but we do disclose on our order forms that we “do not guarantee” rush orders will be shipped or deliverd on or by any specific date – especailly when dealing with a 3rd party shipment carrier.  There is alot that goes on behind the sceneces to get a wedding dress ready for a bride.  Sadly we have even had Fedex and other carriers lose a brides dress in transit.  But if enough time is allowed between the time of order and the wear date another dress can be made.  

Running Bride late to the altar - darius Cordell  There have been a few brides over the decades that will have a back up plan just in case.  Some places will allow you to place an off the rack sample on hold just in case your made to order dress does not make it by the time you need it.  Savy brides will always have that logical back up plan for rush order situations.  It still does not remove the potential of undo stress and worry.  But if you are a bride who is clear from teh begining it does make it a bit easier on all who is involed in the rush order transaction.

The bottom line is even though many companies will offer a rush services on a made to order product it is ALWAYS best to allow more than ample time for prouduction & shipping of any product that is going to be used for a one-time occasion – especially when it is being made to order and not already made.  

We hope we have not discouraged those few brides frrom placing a rush order.  But it is better to be upfront than to have a bride misunderstand the disclosures we provide.  Let us know which design you are considering for a rush order so we can advise the potential and approximate delivery date. 

Inspired Evening Gowns for less than the original

Here is one of our more recent replications of a haute couture dress.  It is of course not exact. The original was well over $15,000.  Our version was under $2500.  However a client can obtain a similar style and look as the original but in a price range that is more affordable.

The longer we have to make a replica the closer it will be to the original. The better up close detailed images you provide the easier it is to provide a higher quality product. A clients price range can also affect the outcome of any inspired evening gown we produce.

For more information on custom evening dresses from Darius Cordell please contact us directly.

Inspired evenin gown replicas from Darius Cordell

Better Business Bureau

BBB report for Darius Cordell

Many consumers are shopping on line today to purchase all sorts of merchandise.  There are also many consumers posting questionable reviews of companies anonymously online.  Sometimes it can be made by a competitor.  And sometimes the person making the review did not even purchase a product from the company.  So how does one really know the truth.  There are several different ways to check out a company that you want to do business with.

One way is reviewing the companies Better Business Bureau report.  They do not allow for anonymous claims.  The BBB can provide some basic general information about what other (verifiable) consumers are saying about the company.  You can see our BBB report by clicking here.

A consumer can also go to the Federal Trade Commission to see if they are working a case on any company.  Usually for the FTC to be involved that would mean that the company has had many incidences where a consumer has made a valid complaint.

Another third party source would be the Attorney General of the state where the business resides.  If the company has been practicing any shady business tactics the AG for their state would have received an official complaint.  And if it were deemed bad enough they would have filed a case against the company.

These are just a few of the main ways a consumer can check with a 3rd party institution regarding a business.  Instead of believing what anonymous people (or competitors) may write on a blog or across the internet a consumer should do their due diligence.  Also purchasing with a credit card instead of paying by cash or check also gives a consumer far more protection just in case anything goes wrong with the order.  

New Pageant Gowns added to the Catalog Collection

New Darius Cordell Pageant Gowns

New Pageant Gowns

Darius Cordell has added an excited new collection of pageant gowns to the already extensive collection.  As normal all of the designs featured can be made with any changes.  All color combinations are also available.  the pricing for our made to order garments is quite reasonable.  To get more information on new pageant gowns from Darius Cordell please email us directly at

What are your price ranges for your Custom Dresses?

darius cordell prices

Have you ever just wondered can I actually afford a Darius Cordell dress?  Most would be surprised that our prices are actually quite reasonable for what you get.  Our made to order garments start at $500 and go up from there.  Sometimes we might possibly have an in-stock garment that has been reduced that could be less but the chances of that are very rare.

The majority of our clients right now are inquiring about replica wedding dresses or totally custom designs.  This is of course where the pricing can easy and quickly increase.  Most replica dresses begin at around $1000 and increase from that point.

A general rule of thumb for Darius Cordell prices on his made to order garments is the more embellished or intricate the design the higher the cost.  Most items that have no embellishment and is an easy or simple cut will be closer to the five hundred price range.

For more accurate estimates please email us a picture of the dress you are considering.  you can also email us the website link.  We will then get back with you with our lowest and best possible pricing for you.

You can email us directly at



Cocktail Length Mother of the Bride Attire

pink colour of the groom dress

Mother of the Bride

We have added several new dress design options for mothers of the bridal party.  Shown here are the most recent mother of the bride dresses that were added to the collection.  As normal with any Darius Cordell garment, you are more than welcome to make any change you need to the design.  Most of these evening wear pieces you will see are short cocktail dress length.  It is not an issue to make these formal dresses into a tea length or all the way down to the floor. For more information about custom mother of the bride dresses please contact us directly.

New Beach Wedding Dresses added to the Collection

organza bridal gowns

Beach Wedding Dresses

Recently we have added new bridal designs to one of our collections.  Typically these are called beach wedding dresses as they lend themselves to an outdoor setting.  All of these magnificent works of art feature a flowing and breathable fabric. Designs like these are great for any bride considering an outdoor ceremony. Several of the designs have a feature on the back of the wedding dress.  Each one of these lovely pieces can be made in any size or measurement that is necessary to make the garment work for you. If you want to make substitutions or additions to either of them just let us know.  Pricing is available upon request.


Production photos from one of our designs

Darius Cordell style #C2015-mjls in production

The process of making a made to order garment involves many steps and procedures.

A bride asked us to make a less expensive replica of this dress.Here is an image of our designs we were making while it was in production.  The style #is C2015-mjls.  This image was used with one of our clients to show the progression of our custom design we were making that was inspired by a haute couture design.

Darius Cordell style #C2015-mjls in production

Darius Cordell style #C2015-mjls in production


1021_2 Darius Cordell production photo A 1021_4 Darius Cordell production photo B

And here is an image of the original the bride wanted us to use as inspiration for her custom dress.  And our design is to the right.

Replica of Inbal Dror

We can make any type of custom wedding dress for you and use any image you have as inspiration.  Just email us your ideas so we can get pricing together for you.


You can see more images of the finished product of style #C2015-mjls by clicking here.