We’ve been making Plus Size Wedding Gowns for the curvy bride since 1996.

A Darius Cordell Custom plus size wedding gowns

Creating Plus Size Wedding Gowns for The Curvy Bride

Fuller figured brides can order on-line bridal attire too!

Some plus size brides may be concerned that just because they are larger they can not have a dress that fits perfectly that was ordering on-line.  That is not the case.  Here at Darius Cordell we use a number of systems that help us insure the best possible fit for our brides of all shapes & sizes.  We have made plus size wedding gowns for the curvy bride since 1996.  We know how to make the perfect wedding dress fit perfectly as well.

We have a check point system that request over 30 different measurements for our ladies to submit to us.  The diagram is easy to read.  Any professional tailor or alterationist in your town will be able to read and understand the requested wedding gown measurements with ease.

Our firm has also started to use a high tech savvy system called 3D mobile tailor.  This incredible system allows you to take a picture of your self from the front and one from the side.  It then scans your body picture with over 200 different points to configure your exact shape and size in inches and centimeters.  This is the most accurate system we can use for our plus size wedding gowns.   However it does cost a bit more to utilize this method.  But your plus size dress will fit perfectly without the need for alterations.

So if you are a curvy fuller figured bride who is worried your gown wont fit just because of your size, please don’t.  Here at Darius Cordell we are able to provide you with a custom wedding gown suite to not just your preferences but also to your exact body shape & personal measurements.

For more information about plus size wedding gowns for the curvy bride please contact us directly.