Maternity Wedding Gowns are Available with our Dress Design Firm.

Custom made maternity wedding gowns from Darius Cordell

Maternity Wedding Gowns

For years many have just assumed that maternity wedding gowns were the same as plus size bridal dresses.  And that is just not the case.  There is a special type of measuring that needs to take place for a bride when she is with child. The bust and waist measurements become far more important than when measuring a different shape.  

Confirm is a major factor that needs to be considered for a bride who is pregnant.  The season and time of day will make a difference.  You don’t want to have a design that is labor some and confined. 

The fabrication that is used is also something that needs to be considered.  A very thick or heave weighted material can cause the skin to be irritated.  It can also be confirmed ant not breathable.

So what you want is a designer , like Darius Cordell, who will take all these factors into consideration when designing the perfect dress for your special day.

For more information about bespoke made to order maternity wedding gowns please email us directly.