Plus Size Bridal Gowns – Should you purchase yours off the rack or off the internet?

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Finding the perfect plus size bridal gowns is not an easy task. This is especially true for people who are not the traditional sample size. Consumers searching for plus size wedding dresses normally have a harder time. The reason for that is simple. Most bridal salons and retail shops do not stock a ton of plus size dresses fore the fuller figured bride to choose from. Therefore they will have to start to look into alternative methods to find their perfect bridal gown.


One of the first places brides go to look for a gown is a bridal store. This is of course normal and is expected. However for a plus sized woman one of the first places they will turn to is the internet. Due to the fact most shops do not cater to plus sizes these women know upfront the odds of seeing what they want in person (in their size) are very slim. But there is nothing wrong with narrowing your choices via the online stores shown on the internet. This could actually prove to be quite beneficial to the larger bride. You can narrow your choices and cut to the chase so to speak.

There are tons of plus size wedding gowns shown on the internet for a bride to choose from. Most full figured brides prefer to not have their dress accentuate their hips or their arms. So many of them are a-line or have long sleeves. You will also normally find that these types of designs have an open neckline that will feature the fuller bust line.

One clear advantage to shopping online for plus size gowns is you can probably also get an incredible deal. Normally designer dresses at a salon will carry a higher price tag – especially when you have them made in your size.  The store has over head with employees, vendors and storefront rent. An online shop does not have these things necessarily so the pricing can be much less.

One of the differences can be rather or not you opt for a totally custom plus size wedding gown.  That changes things just a bit.  For example you can have a custom (or customized) item made for you from an online vendor (as well as from the salon).  Both will probably be costly.  Whereas if you purchase a salesman sample off the rack as shown without any changes or sizing your pricing may actually be less than if you tried to purchase one on line.  The sample may have been tried on several times and have the normal wear and tear.  therefore the owners will drastically reduce that piece from the sale rack.

No matter which way a plus size bride decides to go she should still be consumer savvy before committing to the purchase.  Research all your options.  Make sure to pay with a credit card just in case there are any issues.  And lastly be sure to stay true to what you like and your preferences.  Don’t settle because what you want is hard to find.   If you do your research you will surely find what you want (or someone to make it for you) in your price range and special just for you.  Just like we do here at Darius Cordell Fashion Ltd.

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