Designer Bridal Gowns – Should you buy Made in USA vs Made in China?

USA Bridal Gowns vs China Wedding Dresses
If you have done a search recently for designer bridal gowns.  You may have seen where most of the first results on Google are sites that are based in China.  This is a new trend that has been happening more and more since Google started rolling out some of their latest algorythm changes.  Prior to 2010 this was not the case if you were searching on the internet for that type of merchandise.So as a bride, the staff here at Darius Cordell Fashion Ltd, are asking you this question.  Do you then search only for wedding dresses made in the USA?  Or are you ok with purchasing your dream dress via online shopping direct from China?  You would be suprized with how some brides feel on this matter.Let’s look at some Pro’s and Con’s for both…..PRO’S for buying custom bridal gowns made in the USA –
  • You have the satisfaction of knowing that your bridal dress was constructed by someone from your country.
  • You have more options available to you for assistance if there is ever a problem with your dress.  For instance you can reach out to the Better Business Bureau or other agencies for help.  Not so if you are buying from overseas.
  • You are keeping the money you earned in America with American based companies
  • You have a better chance of knowing what you order is going to be what you receive.
PRO’s for buying designer wedding dresses off the internet from a company in China:
  • It will be much cheaper. – Really this is the main and only pro for purchasing from a company sight unseen.
CON’s for purchasing designer bridal gowns off the internet from a company in China:
  • There is the potential that you will not receive what you ordered.
  • Buying direct from China could potentially hurt the mom & pop retailers and American fashion designers.  Ultimately it could damage the US Economy.
  • You are limited in your options on how to get a problem resolved if the bridal gown you receive is not what you ordered.
A fact that most engaged brides really do not take into consideration is that most of the clothing (not just bridal dresses) sold in America is made overseas.  So even when you buy a bridal gown from someone in America the chances are it was still produce originally in China.  However the designers and retailer who sell the clothing have already screened any factories in China that they may utilize to construct their designs.  So the risk factor is much lower for any bride when buying designer wedding dresses made in the USA.  When you purchase from a retail bridal salon there are filters that are in place to insure you are getting not only the correct product but also the best possible service.I am sure most women are aware but just in case let us show you how it has worked in the past.  The vendor sells supplies to the manufacturer.  The manufacturer (or atelier) constructs the garment for the fashion designer.  Sometimes that workshop is in USA.  Other times it can be in India, South America, Turkey, Taiwain or China.  pricing is different for each country.  And it is up to the designer to try and find the location that will best represent the brand of his designs for the price point he wants to sell.  Once the garment is done the fashion designer (or sometimes large bridal company) then sells the design wholesale to the wedding salon.  And the bridal shop sells the dress for retail to the bride.  That is how it has worked for many years.  And at each point of purchase there is a mark up.  That is why when you are in a wedding salon the retail price is lets just say $1600.  But when you purchase a similar design direct from China the price may be as low as $400.  Sometimes even lower if the design is mass produced.So it kind of goes back to that old saying…”you get what you pay for”!  So if you are that bride who is willing to take that risk then you might consider purchasing direct from China off the internet.  You can save a lot if you are willing to take that risk.  However for those brides looking for designer wedding dresses and you want a bit more security and assurance of what you will get.  Then you need to strongly consider buying your bridal gown from an authorized retailer or designer.  For those American based companies have already screen the overseas manufacturers that they use and already have a trusted relationship already. Thusly making it to where you do not have to worry about it if you buy your gown from someone in The USA.