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Unique plus size wedding dresses for the curvy bride

Style #19366CC - Strapless plus size empire waist wedding dresses from Darius

We specialize in affordable custom bridal gowns for brides of all shapes and sizes.  For many years we have had brides of all sizes come to us for unique bridal gown options.  Not just for the thin or slinder.  We also have many curvy brides reqest us to make them custom plus sizde wedding dresses that […]

Better Business Bureau

BBB report for Darius Cordell

Many consumers are shopping on line today to purchase all sorts of merchandise.  There are also many consumers posting questionable reviews of companies anonymously online.  Sometimes it can be made by a competitor.  And sometimes the person making the review did not even purchase a product from the company.  So how does one really know […]

What are your price ranges for your Custom Dresses?

darius cordell prices

Have you ever just wondered can I actually afford a Darius Cordell dress?  Most would be surprised that our prices are actually quite reasonable for what you get.  Our made to order garments start at $500 and go up from there.  Sometimes we might possibly have an in-stock garment that has been reduced that could […]

Cocktail Length Mother of the Bride Attire

pink colour of the groom dress

Mother of the Bride We have added several new dress design options for mothers of the bridal party.  Shown here are the most recent mother of the bride dresses that were added to the collection.  As normal with any Darius Cordell garment, you are more than welcome to make any change you need to the […]

Darius Cordell Fashion Ltd is now on BitDazzle


You can now purchase designs from our company directly on BitDazzle.  You can use your credit card or pay via paypal.  You can see those styles as well as prices at this link Or for a more customized order please contact us directly. Darius Cordell Fashion Ltd | BitDazzle.

Plus Size Bridal Gowns – Should you purchase yours off the rack or off the internet?

cheap off the rack wedding dresses

Finding the perfect plus size bridal gowns is not an easy task. This is especially true for people who are not the traditional sample size. Consumers searching for plus size wedding dresses normally have a harder time. The reason for that is simple. Most bridal salons and retail shops do not stock a ton of […]

Designer Bridal Gowns – Should you buy Made in USA vs Made in China?

USA Bridal Gowns vs China Wedding Dresses

If you have done a search recently for designer bridal gowns.  You may have seen where most of the first results on Google are sites that are based in China.  This is a new trend that has been happening more and more since Google started rolling out some of their latest algorythm changes.  Prior to […]

Sample Sale – Discounted Designer Dresses being added to New Site

Sleeveless mother of the bride dresses

It has been a long time coming but as of today potential clients can browse our designer samples of evening dresses that are on sale and actually purchase them directly from our site.  You can use any one of the major credit cards to purchase these heavily reduced designer dresses.  We have mother of the […]