What are your price ranges for your Custom Dresses?

darius cordell prices

Have you ever just wondered can I actually afford a Darius Cordell dress?  Most would be surprised that our prices are actually quite reasonable for what you get.  Our made to order garments start at $500 and go up from there.  Sometimes we might possibly have an in-stock garment that has been reduced that could be less but the chances of that are very rare.

The majority of our clients right now are inquiring about replica wedding dresses or totally custom designs.  This is of course where the pricing can easy and quickly increase.  Most replica dresses begin at around $1000 and increase from that point.

A general rule of thumb for Darius Cordell prices on his made to order garments is the more embellished or intricate the design the higher the cost.  Most items that have no embellishment and is an easy or simple cut will be closer to the five hundred price range.

For more accurate estimates please email us a picture of the dress you are considering.  you can also email us the website link.  We will then get back with you with our lowest and best possible pricing for you.

You can email us directly at prices@dariuscordell.com