Style A3215


This short sleeve lace bodice has an empire waist skirt that is flattering for the mothers of the wedding.

BluePlusSizeMotheroftheBrideDresseswithshortnetsleeves DariusCordell
Style A3215

Communicate Special Request at Checkout



  • Communicate what you want on the order form.
  • Pick from our size chart or submit personal measurement form.
  • Send your order forms & 50% deposit payment to start production.
  • We'll request your final balance when item is almost done.
  • Your item is then shipped shortly after.
  • Made to Order starts at $800.
  • We average around $1500.
  • Heavily embellished designs are usually near $2500.
  • A' La Carte Pricing - After we give our estimate you can add in what you need (i.e. personal measurements, custom changes, rush production, upgraded (silk) fabrics, varied shipping methods, fabric/color swatches, sketches, multiple consultations, pictures, extensive correspondence or any unique & special assistance requested or required by the client that is outside of the norm).  The final total cannot be calculated until the custom garment has been completed and the buyer no longer needs our time and/or services.   A non-refundable 50% cutting fee deposit is required on all made to order items.  Multiple piece orders can receive a discount.
  • Flat Fee Pricing -  This is all-inclusive pricing must be requested upfront.  Flat fee pricing will be higher than an A' la Carte.  However the price is set and wont change based on your needs during the process.  Full payment upfront is required with Flat Fee Pricing.
  • We are an on-line only business - hence our pricing.
  • Face-to-face assistance is not offered.
  • Our simple mail-order process is all done via phone, email, fax, text or mail only
  • We do not sell from off the rack as we do not stock inventory.
  • Everything we do is made to order only specific to the client.

See production-time options below.

    • Allow us 12 Months - Get 10% off
    • Approx. 6-9 months - varies with design
    • Approx. 4 Months - 10% rush fee
    • Approx. 3 Months - 15% rush fee
    • Approx. 2 Months - 20% rush fee
    • Approx. 1 Month - 25% rush fee
RUSH ORDERS can be stressful.  So if you can avoid them by ordering well in advance.STANDARD ORDERS are commonly known to take around 6-9 months for a normal design.  However it is wise to always give as much possible time as you can to allow for production, shipping and any possible modifications - IF needed.In all cases, please allow as much time as possible if you can. 
  1. Either pick a size from our size chart.
  2. Or pay a $150 surcharge to have us make your garment in your personal measurements.  (Measurements can be taken by your local tailor or someone you trust using our diagram).
MUSLIN -  They are not necessary but if you want one prior to us cutting the actual fabric to check the fit upfront that fee for a muslin is $300.
This describes how Fittings would occur when you order from us on-line vs ordering from someone else in person.
You order the dress from the designerThe store orders the dress from the designer for you
Once the dress is done it is shipped directly to youOnce the dress is done it is shipped to the store
You try on the dress in your homeYou try on the dress in the store
If it does not fit you hire a local tailor you like for alterations (i.e. -fittings)If it does not fit the store hires a tailor and you pay them to have alterations done (i.e. - fittings)
You can also pay $300 to have a muslin created to check fit before we cut the actual fabric.
All garments can be made in any fabric.
  • You can either, tell us the name OR
  • send us an example OR
  • send us the yardage OR
  • tell us the characteristic you want it to have OR
  • simply leave it up to our design team to use a fabric as close as possible to the picture OR
  • pay us to source fabrics up-front prior to ordering......
For more detailed information on fabrics please go to our FABRIC PAGE by clicking here.
We can produce your item in any color(S).
  • You can choose a color from our color chart.
  • You can request as pictured. 
  • You can send us an example of the color you want. 
  • For more specific information about colors please click here.
  • You can make any changes you want to any design.
  • We will not suggest what changes you may like or want.
  • Change request are communicated in the special request section of the order form.
  • Requesting a special measurement is not considered a change to the design.
  • Change request for a pre-made design start at $100 but can vary.
We can produce any type of custom wedding or evening dress, in one of two ways...
  • Pictures - We can use any pictures you have as inspiration to create your custom design. Just email us the pictures, let us know of any preferences or changes, and we will respond with an estimate.
  • Sketch - If you do not have a picture to help explain what you want we can sketch a design to help you envision your ideals. Simply provide us with a written description of what you want.  And our design team will then compile those preferences in a sketch.  A non-refundable good faith deposit of $125 is required prior to sketching.  You can pay this fee by clicking here.
We can replicate any bridal gown or evening dress (with any changes) using any picture you have as inspiration.
  • To see examples of a few inspired designs we have done in the past click here.
Please allow as much time as possible for production, shipping & adjustments - if needed!
  • Our only limitations are a clients price range or time frame
  • The more time we have for production the closer we can get to the original.
  • There are several ways to get a dress to cost less but look similar. One is to simple change the fabrication from a silk based content to a poly based content.  Another is hand beaded fabric vs machine beaded fabrics.
  • Realistically no replica can be 100% exactly like the original couture garment. It would not be practical to think that a $1,000 dress will be 100% "exactly" the same as a $10,000 dress.
  • The more intricate, detailed or embellished a design is the harder it will be to replicate.  For example a fabric dress with no embellishments will of course be much easier to replicate than a dress that is fully beaded with intricate hand work.
  • If your garment  must be 100% exactly like the original we urge you to purchase from the original designer.  But if your budget does not allow for the original designers price and you can accept an actual replication of the original that is as close as possible then we would love to assist you.
  • Many times we will get asked "how close" can we get. The degree of closeness is extremely subjective.  What one may feel is close another may not.
  • The budget, time frame, size, image quality or personal changes can all affect the out come of any replication.
  • The obvious goal is to make the item look as close as possible to the original (again with your budget in mind).
  • You should be able to take a picture of the original and a picture of your version and very easily be able to tell one was inspired by the other.
  • It would serve us no purpose to ship the garment otherwise - hence our return policy.
We require a 50% non-refundable cutting fee deposit to start * Partial payments can be submitted during production * Balance is due before shipping * We do not accept payments over the phone * We accept the following payments:
  • CASH APP - Use a credit/debit card to send to$DariusFashion (Preferred Payment Method)
  • CREDIT CARD - Add 3% processing fee for Visa/MC/Discover. Add 1.5% processing fee for AMEX.
  • POP MONEY - Send to [email protected]
  • PAYPAL - Send to [email protected] (in-stock items only).
  • ACH -  Request the link.
  • CHECK - Mail To: P.O. Box 5656 Frisco Tx 75035
  • WESTERN UNION - You can use credit/debit card with WU.
  • MONEY GRAM - You can use credit/debit card with MG.
  • We'll fix any error we make.
  • If you do not like what you ordered, we will re-stock it for a merchandise-credit towards a revised/different item.
  • Re-stocking fees will apply.
  • No refund on custom items.
  • Merchandise Credit Only!
  • Claims to be made in 24 hours.


  • Must be in same condition.
  • Claims to be made in 24 hours.
  • Restock Fee will be applied.
  • Authorization Required.
  • Cancelations must be requested within 3 days of ordering.
  • Rush orders can not be canceled.
  • Deposits are Non-Refundable!
  • We'll ship worldwide to anywhere USPS, Fedex, orUPS delivers.
  • Shipping is free in the US for in-stock items.
  • Shipping varies for made-to-order items.  Check with carriers for estimates from 75034 zip code.