How far in Advance should I order my Wedding Attire?

Ticking Clock

These days couples are having much longer engagements than in years past.  There are many reasons for this.  For some they may be waiting until they finish college.  For others they may be trying to save up for that huge lavish wedding.  Whatever the reason there is a trap that some brides really need to not fall into.  That is the process of trying on designer wedding dresses too far in advance.

If you have years before your actual special day then you will find most professionals will tell you to start planning and trying on couture bridal gowns approximately 12 months prior to the wedding.  Doing so should give you plenty of time to find the right dress, have it made to order, make any tailoring adjustments and then take pictures in your wedding gown before the ceremony.

Something you don’t want to do is wait until the last minute to begin the search for that perfect custom wedding gown. At the very least you want to give yourself six full months.  We always tell a bride it is always better to have your garment in your hands early than it is to receive it a few days before the wedding.  So plan accordingly.  And if you just have to order your dress close to the wear date then make sure you have a back up plan ready – just in case.  It is better to be prepared then to be devastated the week of your wedding.