Style #T3000 – Halter Sleeveless Bridal Gowns

This wedding dress has a high collar for a very regal look.  This could be consider a halter cut style since it is sleeveless.  The closed back adds a formal feeling to the overall design.

Halter Sleeveless Bridal Gowns

Our company provides elegant sleeveless bridal gowns to brides of all shapes and sizes. This illusion neckline dress is modestly covered on the top part of the bodice.  There are beaded lace sections adorning this item.  The halter collar comes up high on the neck.  Yours can be made to any height you prefer.  The back of this dress can be made to be open with a key hole or closed to cover any under garments. There is a built in crinoline under the full skirt. We have other sleeveless bridal gowns in this collection.  You can see similar styles like this one by using the product tags for this item.


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