Style T3028 – Solid Lace Bridal Gowns

Darius Cordell Fashion Ltd has beautiful silk wedding gowns with a strapless neckline.  This lovely dress is in our silk collection.  If it were made in a polyester content its price would drop by more than 50%.

Darius Cordell Fashion Ltd is an American based dress design firm located near Dallas Texas.  We provide brides with solid lace bridal gowns in various styles.  This strapless design has a condensed lace bodice. Then you can see the fully lace ball gown skirt continues the lace pattern to the hem.  This full skirt has built in crinoline under it.  This helps it to keep its shape.  You can request yours to be made with or without it.  A train can be added to this design.  Because of all of the embellishment and lace details this item is one of the pricier designs we have in this collection. We have a number of other solid lace bridal gowns in our catalog of dresses for brides. You can use the tags or contact us for assitance.


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