Style #2017hurst - strapless fit-and-flare wedding gown with long tulle train

C2020-WCromwell - Replica of couture wedding dress from Pinterest by Darius Cordell

Replica of Pronovias strapless

Replica of a Pronovias

Replica of Tori Spelling Wedding Dress

Replica of Inbal Dror

Replica of Galia Lahav Replica Dress - Alison

Inspired Replica of Ester Couture by Darius Cordell

C2017-Belenger - plus size replica wedding dress with long sleeves in blush by darius cordell

Replica of Demetrios

Replica of a Berta Wedding Dress

Replica of Givenchy Evening gown with changes

Replica of Maggie Sottero dress Serencia

Style #97146-1 Replica of a Berta long sleeve wedding dress

Replica for Rebecca

Replica from Internet

Replica of haute couture long sleeve wedding dress by Darius Cordell Bridal

Darius Cordell Custom replica inspired by Berta Bridal style 17-144

Berta Inspired lace wedding dress made by dress designer Darius Cordell

  • A clients budget, time frame, size, quality of pictures and personal change request can all affect the outcome of a replica dress.

If you are looking for someone to make a replica of a designer wedding dress or evening gown that is actually located in the USA and not in China then please consider working with our dress design firm.  We can replicate & recreate celebrity wedding dresses or red carpet evening gowns for an inexpensive price with no problem.  We would be more than happy to give you our estimate on what your dream dress may cost when produce by our American company.

We have brides from all over the globe ask if we can replicate dresses from original haute couture designers like Elie Saab, Zuhair Murad and Inbal Dror.  As custom dress makers we do not have an issue with the request.  We of course can never make an exact 100% copy of the original designers dress.  But as dress makers of custom wedding gowns we can get close to the original design at around 90% or better.

So if your dream wedding dress is couture and out of your price range let us know.  You can email us a picture.  We will then respond promptly with pricing, options and more details.

Replica Wedding Dresses – Wedding Gown Replicas

We are located in The United States near Dallas Texas.  We specialize in affordable replications of haute couture wedding gowns for the bride who is on a budget but still wants to look expensive on her wedding day.  When replicating a couture wedding dress the purpose is not to change the design but instead to make the design affordable for the bride. One of the very first ways to get a designer wedding dress to cost less is to change the fabric type.  For instance most couture items made in America are produced in a silk based fabric.  By changing that to a man made fabrication (or what we call polyester) you can reduce the cost of any designer gown by more than 50%.  Most people will not be able to tell the difference with the naked eye.  However you can tell the difference between silk and polyester by the touch.  If the price of the formal garment is more important than the feel of the fabric then you may want to consider having a replica wedding dress made to save on cost.

When producing celebrity replica wedding dresses or evening gowns for a gala there are also other things that can be done to keep the cost down.  There are various methods in how to construct a formal gown.  You can produce the entire dress by hand which will of course take longer.  This means the cost will be higher.  There are also certain parts of the construction where a machine can be used instead of hand finishing.  This of course makes a huge difference in the cost of a garment as well. For example, as you look at various bridal gowns and evening dresses first take a look at the hem.  You can easily tell if it was done by hand or machine.  The terms knock off or copy have a very negative connotation. But the truth of the matter is a bride may just love a design and simply cant afford it.  Or sometimes the gown design may be discontinued and no longer available from the original dress designer.   Having a knock off designer wedding dress may be her only option.  These are ways to save money with a wedding dress recreation on the inside of the dress without the item looking totally different on the outside.  Just by changing some of the minor construction points can make a huge difference in your custom gown and its pricing.

The embellishments on a wedding dress reproduction can also make a difference.  Lets take beaded sequin for example.  Years ago people would hand bead the entire dress.  They would tie down every 3rd to 5th bead for better quality to make sure if you lost some beads it would not be a large portion. And in some cases this is still true.  This of course will increase the cost of any garment.  But there are also large factories now who can manufacture all types of sequin fabrics and beaded laces (or embroideries) in a wide variety of colors and patterns.  So we can use the fabric that is already beaded and simple finish the edges.  This saves on time and on money.  However the overall design of the formal evening dress has not changed dramatically. 

One of the comforts of having a ball gown produced by someone here in America is that if there is ever an issue you have resources available to you here in the USA that can help you.  If you purchase in China you have little to now assistance from a 3rd party if a problem should arise.

There are a number of different famous wedding gown designers that brides tend to ask companies to recreate or make replicas for them.  Some times it is just because there is a discontinued bridal gown that they can no longer get.  Or it could be a one of a kind haute couture evening gown that the designer will not recreate.  The celebrities can of course afford these high end couture items.  But the average person can not.  We notice that Vera Wang is still one of the top request of brides and celebrities looking for red carpet runway evening gowns.  Another one now due to the popular bridal reality show is Pnina Tornai.  Those heavily beaded dresses can be costly.  However there are beaded appliques out there that are quite similar that can help keep the cost down.  You will also hear brides refer to Maggie Sottero and Monique Lhuillier.  These are designers who are very popular in the bridal gown magazines.  We can produce garments that look like some of these other designers and do our best to get the cost as low as possible for you.

We are in the USA and make affordable replications of haute couture designer wedding gowns. To see examples of our work click here.  

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