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In our catalog are just examples of the types of custom made bridal gowns we as wedding dress designers can produce for you.  Yours can be a version of one of these.  You can also use these images to help you describe what you want for your very own couture one of a kind design.  To see our collection of designer gowns that can be customized please go to our catalog in the navigation bar above.

As Dallas custom wedding dress designers we specialize in unique designer bridal gowns that are custom and made uniquely for women of all sizes!  With the help of our website we have been providing unique and elegant wedding attire to women from all over the USA, UK and Canada since 1996.

We take a different approach when it comes to producing a made to measure item for such an important one time occasion.  Because in most instances the bride is trusting us (from long distance) to produce exactly what she wants without ever trying it on before hand.  For some people wanting custom bridal gowns and not something off the rack that can be a daunting process.  But here at Darius Cordell Fashion Ltd since we are Dallas Texas wedding dress designers focusing on the bride we do all we can to make it as easy and simple as possible.  We try our hardest to take the stress and worry out of the situation.  We want you to focus on having fun preparing for your wedding.  We do not want you to be worried about anything during the process of your garment being made.

As dallas wedding dress designers with a great deal of experience we can easily recreate a custom dress from a photo.  Or we can design & sketch a concept based on your preferences and needs.  Once the design is approved and a deposit is made we will then begin production on your custom made gown.  Once the merchandise is complete we will ship it to you for your final approval.  Sometimes the dress may need a little tweaking – especially if the bride has lost a few pounds during production.  But more times than not nothing needs to be done with the garment and it fits perfectly on the brides body.  If for any reason one of our brides is not satisfied with her custom bridal gown we will do all we can to fix or correct any issue.  This is one of the reasons we ask ladies who order bridal gowns custom made from us to order as far in advance as possible, just to allow time for any corrections that may be necessary.  To be on the safe side we prefer to have approximately twelve weeks to produce bridal gowns made custom for an individual client.

Any type of gown can be made for you even if it is unique.  Indian Wedding Dresses or traditional cultural gowns are not an issue.  If you are wanting something for a destination wedding or a beach ceremony that is also not a problem either.  As Dallas wedding dress designers we can produce any type of dress for your occasion, including plus size wedding dresses and mother of the Bride dresses – however, you need or want.

With all of that in mind we hope you will take a moment to browse our catalogs of bridal gowns for inspiration.  Your custom bridal gown can be derived from any of the items shown there.  We then hope to hear from you about your own one of a kind fashion piece from Darius Cordell Fashion Ltd.

We are a USA dress design Company based near Dallas. But we have worked with brides from all over the globe since 1996. To see examples of our work click here.  

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