You can view images of dresses that can be made in any size in our catalog.  Or for to have a special plus size catalog of dresses emailed to you please contact us.

Have you been looking for some of the best plus size prom dresses and cant seem to find one that suits your needs?  Then worry no more.  We can produce custom prom gowns for you that are based solely on your body type and preferences – at an affordable cost.

You can tell us what part of your body you want to hide and what part you want to show.  Give us all of your preferences.  We then compile the information and start designing based on that criteria.

We will provide you with sketches of plus size prom dresses for you to consider and approve.  Once the design is approved we will then start production and create your dream gown for your special occasion.


Sometimes it may be difficult trying to find pretty plus size prom dresses from the USA. But that is not the case here at Darius Cordell Fashion Ltd. We can make your dream gown look perfect on you with ease.

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