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Pictured here are mere examples of the types of plus size pageant dresses that we can produce for you.  We prefer to make each gown we produce for a pageant to be a custom made to order item specifically geared towards the individual.  Still you can use parts of any dress designs shown on our site to help you communicate the type of dress you want for yourself.  (Beading can be added, taken away or changed).  Or we can sketch an ideal for you for further consideration.  Contact us for pricing, options and more information about custom plus size pageant dresses.


All of the designs on our site can be made for a plus size frame.  So please make sure to also visit these two pages for additional options for pageant wardrobe that can be made in plus size measurements.

Our company gladly provides plus size pageant gowns to women of all shapes and sizes.  We have offered custom pageant wear for plus size contestants of all sizes since the mid 1990’s.  We have sold hundreds of competition formal wear to women all over the globe.  

Because of our expertise in this field we know that a great design is important for any pageant competitor.  In addition to that we recognize that the attention to detail and proper measurement taking can also make the difference in a beauty competition dress.  When we are designing and sketching (with all of your preferences in mind) we take so many things into consideration.  We make sure the garment you wear fits not only your body but your personality as well.

Our unique plus size pageant gowns are made of high quality materials and embellishments.  They are hand sewn as well as hand beaded.  However our merchandise is also very affordable as well in comparison to your other designer options out there.  More importantly we do our best to try and work within the customers budget.  We want to give you the most that we can within the range we are given.  

Some designs require more than just the standard bust waist and hip measurements.  When ordering plus size pageant gowns from our company we will make sure to ask for all of the proper measurements to make sure your clothing fits on you perfectly.  When working with long distance ladies we suggest they have their measurements taken by a professional tailor or alterationist.  This will insure that your plus size pageant dress will fit as best as possible.

If you are a fuller figured women and are tired of seeing unflattering, ill fitting or unattractive gown then consider a custom design from Darius Cordell Fashion Ltd.  We will do all we can to make sure your clothing is top notch and wont break the bank!


Our USA based company produces plus size pageant dresses for young ladies and women from all across America. To see examples of our work please click here.  

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