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All of the designs on our site can be made for a plus size frame.  So please make sure to also visit these links for additional options for plus size evening dresses. 

Plus Size Evening Dresses

To see formal gowns for plus size women please click here.

Have you been searching endlessly for attractive and elegant plus size evening dresses but are having no luck!  Well your search ends here.  Darius Cordell Fashion Ltd has provided women of all figures and body types beautiful ball gowns for larger women for nearly two decades.  Most of our clients who purchase from us are ladies with unique, petite or special body types.  They normally have a hard time finding evening gowns they want in a department store or in a local dress shop. Some dress companies tend to focus just on the bust, waist and hip measurements.  And that is ok for some people if they are not very picky about a good fit.  But when we are working with fuller figured women and plus size evening gowns we pay extra special attention to the measurements needed for each individual design to insure the best possible fit.  There are special measurements like over the shoulder to nipple that can make a big difference in how well your plus size clothing fits. We specialize in long sleeve evening gowns for larger plus sized curvy women as well.  The reason is most fuller figured women tend to want to cover the top part of their arm.  So for every single formal ball gown that is shown on our site we offer some type of cap, short or 3/4 sleeve.  You can also have plus size evening gowns made with a full long sleeve all the way to the wrist.  The sleeve can be fitted, straight or full doleman.  Whatever your preference we can make it happen so you can wear what you love to your next special occasion. We have both plus size and petite size women in the images that are on our site.  But note that any of the evening gowns pictured on this site can be made to accommodate a women of any size.  Just because the model wearing the formal item may not be full figured or larger does not mean we can not make that same garment work on a larger body type.  Most of the plus size evening gowns for fuller figured women that you may try on off the rack may have a short or long torso.  The neck line may be too deep or narrow.  Or the width of the back may not work for your frame.  So because of those things you may think the design does not work or the cut is wrong for you. Most times that is not really the case.  The gown simply needs to be made to order specifically for your body shape and dimensions.  That is why you need to consider our company for all of your formal wear needs.  We will make sure you look great at your next gala, function or social event.  All at an affordable cost that wont break the bank.  


Our design firm has been selling high end plus size evening gowns since 1996 to clients from all over America, United Kingdom and Canada. We are very certain we can make any of the designs on our site work on just about any body shape. To see examples of our work please click here.  

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