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darius cordell Color chart 2012
  • All designs can be made in any color(s)
  • Beading & embellishments will be same color as fabric unless otherwise requested.
  • We do not recommend a color you should order or may want.
  • The name you give a color can be subjective (i.e. light blue, soft blue, baby blue, etc..).
  • Computer settings vary.  So we can’t tell you what color you are seeing on your screen.
  • This chart is used as a general reference only.
  • Bolt dye lots can also vary.
  • Communicate the color name from this chart you want.  Or say “as xyz is pictured”.
  • If you don’t see the color you want or can’t use this chart as a reference then please send us an example of the color you want.  We’ll match it as closely as possible.  
  • You can get swatches from your local fabric store or on-line at Mood Fabrics NY
  • You can also submit your own yardage.

Mail color examples to:
P.O. Box 5656
Frisco Texas 75035