Darius Cordell Fashion Ltd has been selling quality made women’s clothing since 1996.  Our team of fashion designers offer all types of special occasion dresses for all sizes.  We sell our bridal gowns and formal wear to brides from all over the globe.  If you are looking for a local bridal shop or salon in Dallas, Plano, McKinney or Frisco Texas then please consider our company.  Custom designs as well as inexpensive replicas of couture pieces are available.  We can sketch a concept for you.  Or you can email us a picture of a dress you have for pricing.  We are local dress designers who can produce any type of formal gown you need.  We are also able to help clients with there social occasion dress needs in Austin, Houston and San Antonio Texas.

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We specialize in designer evening dresses for women of all shapes and sizes.  We allow our clients to customize any garment that is offered.  That allows the woman to create a specialized item made specifically for her.  Most of the items featured here are strapless designs.  However we do offer long sleeve evening dresses as well.  Other necklines that are offered are off the shoulder and halter styles.  On this site we showcase hundreds of fashion designer dresses for a women to consider for her special occasion event or gala.  You can have yours made with any changes and however you like.


The majority of our consumers are mothers who need a dress for the wedding.  The type of client who comes to us is looking for something that is not traditional.  These women want clothing that is unique and not frumpy.  The mother of the bride dresses that we offer can also be made with any changes.  So if you see a strapless evening gown know that it can be made with a long sleeve jacket of any kind.  We can also produce any of the merchandise as a 2 or 3 piece ensemble.  The most popular styles have been the mother of the bride gowns with a 3/4 sleeve.  But your special occasion item can be made however you need or want.  Please contact for options and pricing.


We have provided custom made wedding dresses to brides all over the globe for nearly two decades. Local and long distance brides love the options they have with our company.  We allow engaged brides to customize their wedding gown however they like.  You can communicate what portion of each dress you like.  We can then put the design together for you in a sketch for your approval.  Many times it is hard for a bride to envision wedding gown from a sketch.  So we have a flexible return policy for brides.  If for any reason she does not like the options she picked we will allow her to exchange it for any other bridal design. For more information about custom wedding dresses please contact us.


Some of our favorite styles to offer to our potential clients are our formal ball gowns.  These regal pieces have built in crinolines to help the gown keep its shape.  We place built in bust cups and hand finished hems in our high end creations.  The fabrications and attention to detail are fantastic for the price point.  All of the long sleeve ball gowns can also be made with a sweetheart neck line of with a removable shrug jacket.  Three quarter sleeves are also available.  Any fitted dress shown on our site can be made with a ball gown skirt.


When our company first began we primarily sold custom made pageant dresses for contestants all over America.  Since that time we have introduced different lines and styles to our collection. We have a passion for beauty pageant competitions.  We have a great knowledge of what a seasoned contestant may need in a competition dress.  Long Sleeve designs with a long train seem to be the popular request right now.  We use high quality pointed back rhinestones and glass crystals.  Totally Liquid beaded evening gowns are also an option.  The beaded dresses shown on our website are done by both machine and hand.  Because we are the actual designer of our custom pieces we can accommodate just about any price range that is needed.  We have produced pageant evening gowns for girls in the teen, Miss and Mrs pageants.  If you are looking for a USA based fashion designer we can help.  The states surrounding Texas are Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico and Louisiana.  But know that we can assist any long distance pageant contestants in any of the United States of America.

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