We are a dress design firm that has been around since 1996.  Our small company is based in the USA, near Dallas Texas.  For nearly two decades we have specialized in providing quality made to order evening gowns and custom wedding dresses to women from all over the globe.  If you have a unique shape (or if you have a petite or plus size frame) we can help you by creating a garment that is produced just for you.  The reason for this is because all of our wedding dresses and other formal garments are made to measure for the individual client.  Most of the special occasion evening dresses that we offer are constructed for your specific body shape and dimension.  We take into account all of the unique measurements that each individual women may have – especially when making wedding dresses.  The special measurements we take are from the edge of shoulder to neck and top of shoulder to nipple.  These are not common measurements but they do tend to help when making a proper paper pattern for women who are long distance from us.  By taking all of these unique and extra measurements it will insure that your formal wear clothing will fit as best as possible the first time you try it on.

If there is a couture ball gown shown on our site that you like but you want to change it then that is ok. Let’s say you would prefer that item with a long sleeve, jacket or any other change.  There would be no worries. We can make that change for you.  We find that women looking for formal attire for the wedding are mostly mothers of the bride wanting long sleeve evening dresses.  And that is not a problem whatsoever.  However, many of the garments pictured on the site are shown in a strapless style without sleeves.  So just remember as you browse our on-line catalog that any of the formal ball gowns displayed within our web pages can be made with a short or long sleeve to cover your arms.  Keep in mind that all design change request for wedding dresses or mother of the bride dresses are more than welcome.  If it is a small or large change it is not an issue.  By allowing our customers to make changes to the designs it insure that each consumer will have the most unique and customized garment made especially for them.  Of course the pricing will vary based on each change that is made.

In addition to providing long sleeve mother of the bride attire we can also take care of the bride by providing custom made wedding dresses.  So many brides will tell us they like the organza skirt of one dress but then the beaded top of another.  Many bridal salons that sell wedding dresses will not be able to accommodate these types of design change request.  But as the actual designer we can create a garment based on personal preferences.  Sometimes this process can still be a hard concept for brides to grasp when they are out of state or in a another country.  But we have done this for years and have a proven system in place that can put any buyer to ease when purchasing long distance.  All other types of formal evening wear garments for the bridal party are also available.  Each of these items are also made to measure to insure a better fit.  So you don’t just have to pick a size from a size chart and then we charge you for fittings.  We actual have your custom garment made to your specific body shape and figure.  This will help insure the best possible fit for each member of the party.

Many times a bridal gown can be made in a darker color and work well for other types of formal occasions.  We do not put limitations on the colors a client can choose for their special occasion dresses.  So you can pick any color or colors you want for your wedding dresses from our color chart.  On that chart we show that we offer an array of colors.  Or you can also simply send us an example of the color you want and we will match it as closely as possible.  All of our women’s clothing can also be made in any fabric that you prefer.  Formal ball gowns can be made in a polyester fabric.  This is a better choice for a consumer that is on a lower budget and needs something a bit more inexpensive.  For the bride with a larger budget you can get your custom bridal gown made in all silk.  Most people are price point conscience today so we do not get a lot of orders for silk satin dresses.  But regardless of the fabric you chose you can trust we will do our best to offer the best possible quality of construction possible within your price point.

Here at Darius Cordell Fashion Ltd we truly provide a custom formal dress experience and can do this no matter where you are located in America, Canada or the UK.   Where you live does not matter or make a huge difference.  We will sell our wedding dresses and evening wear merchandise to clients all over the world on every continent.  If you are near The City of Frisco Texas or long distance it does not matter.  We can still produce the most fabulous and elegant dress for your very special occasion.  We hope to hear from you soon!

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Darius Cordell is a native Dallas Texas Fashion Designer of women’s formal special occasion dresses. He has been creating elegant evening wear and bridal attire for ladies from all over the globe since 1996.  If you are looking for a local bridal shop or salon in Dallas, Plano, McKinney or Frisco Texas then please consider Darius Cordell as your local wedding dress designer.  We have also helped clients with there social occasion dress needs in Austin, Houston and San Antonio Texas.

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