Style 1020B – Black Halter Evening Dresses

We have this pretty black gown in stock in a size 10.  It can be shipped today!

Black Halter Evening Dresses

We have this lovely formal gown ready to be shipped.  This one is a size 10.  You can have one made in any size or color.  There are swarovski crystals scattered all over the top of this halter gown.  The back is out for a sexy look.  The skirt is not too fitted from the hip down but if you wanted it tighter it is easily tailorable.

This was black halter evening dress was originally produced in a turquoise color for a pageant.  Pictured below are those images so you can see this gown in a different color.  This will help you see how the beading can appear differently depending on the background color of the fabric.  Normally darker colors tend to make the beading stand out even more.  This is something to consider when choosing your color preference from our color chart.

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