Style #T7014 Emerald Green Ball Gowns w High Halter Collar

Here is a heavily beaded silk formal ball gowns offered by Darius Cordell Fashion Ltd in a dynamic green that would grand for any black tie social occasion.  This green creation can be made with any cahnges and for any size. #ballgowns

We have ornate green ball gowns for sale.  This high end silk piece is masterfully crated by hand.  The high halter collar makes a regal statement.  the exquisite beading on this bodice is bold yet still feminine. We can make this for you in any colors.  This lovely emerald green product can also be made with any changes.  You can pick a size here from our size chart.  Or you can opt to have it made new in your personal measurements. We have other green ball gowns you can view in our collections of dresses. Please view all with the thought thy can be modified however you like.  Please use the tags above to get to the style you want.


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