Style #B3299

This outdoor garden wedding style wedding dress has thin spaghetti straps and detachable flowers on the skirt.

Beach Wedding Dresses

For years this has been one of our popular beach wedding dresses that brides love for their destination wedding.  The couture feel of this garment lends itself to a high price.  However we can produce this for you new at a very affordable cost.  The flowers are detachable and can be moved around however you like.  So if there is a cluster that is too tight  you can change the density very easily. There are spaghetti straps on this bridal gown for added support.  These are not a requirement.  Yours can be made as a strapless if you like. We have made this same designs in satin and other fabrics.  Each fabric will make the dress lay a bit differently. It has been produced in a wide array of colors as well.  Colors that have been used are pastel blue, pink, purple and white.  This dress in black is very elegant and worked well for a social gala.  You can purchase this one we have in stock or you can have one made new the way you want. Contact us for details about how to recreate beach wedding dresses like this one for your special occasion.


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