Style #2402 | Beaded Wedding Dresses

This white evening gown is in stock as shown and ready to be shipped. You can have it made to order as well in any color you like.

Beaded Wedding Dresses

This white gown could easily be worn in a pageant or for another type of special occasion.  It was originally designed as an evening wear item.  But we soon found out that for those brides wanting white heavily beaded wedding dresses that this was a good option for them.   The strapless cut gown has the scroll work placed in a heavily dense pattern. The direction of the beads is a type of an asymmetrical style.  You will see that just under the empire waist feeling bust line there is a solid band of encrusted bugle beads and crystals.  When being made new that band can be made wider or more narrow.  If you wanted to add straps to the top of the dress we could make that change.  If you want to keep continuity we could do a scroll pattern strap which we call cut hole art work.  This would be instead of the traditional straight strap.

You can find more beaded wedding dresses in our extensive catalog of bridal attire.  The tag beaded will showcase a number of different types of heavily beaded gowns.  Each of them can be made with any changes.  You can have this lovely style made in any size.


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