Style #T7009 Bridal Gowns with Swarovski Crystals

We offer lovely heavily beaded silk bridal gowns with swarovski crystals.  Prices noted in this collection are based on silk fabrics.  Please contact us for pricing with a less expensive fabrics, options and details about our process.

This is one of the fit-n-flare bridal gowns that is featured in this silk collection.  The entire top portion of this exquisite bridal gown is encrusted with swarovski crystals.  This is one of our most heavily beaded styles in the entire bridal collection.  You will not find very many bridal gowns with swarovski crystals like this one.  It is quite unique and special.  This spaghetti strap wedding dress with a cowl of beading on the back is one of the more expensive styles in the collection.  

If you are on a budget and can not spend thousands of dollars on a silk bridal gown you can request this style to be made in polyester instead of silk and the price will decrease dramatically by over 50%.  The main difference between the man made polyester and the silk fabric is the touch.  Silk is much softer to the touch.  The polyester fabric is not a rough feeling fabric by any means.  However it is just not as smooth and lush to the hand.  To the natural eye there you can not visually see a difference between the two with ease. For more information about our silk bridal gowns with swarovski crystals please contact us and we will reply as promptly as possible.



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