Style #T3013 – Off the Shoulder Wedding Dresses

This off the shoulder wedding dress was made in silk.  Yours can be made in any fabric, size and with any changes.  Please send us an inquiry for more details.

Darius Cordell Fashion Ltd is offering lovely off the shoulder wedding dresses that were made in Turkish silk.  The beaded lace detail on this elegant silk wedding dress is magnificent.  The way that the dress covers the upper part of the arm gives this dress a modest and romantic feel.  Sleeves can be made into this design to go down to the forearm.  You can have the sleeve go all the way down to the wrist as well. We have other off the shoulder wedding dresses that were made with high quality fabrics and embellishments.  They can be seen in this collection.  you can also make any request you want regarding fabric, design and sizes when your item is being made to order.


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