vintage plus size wedding gown with open neckline

Flutter sleeve plus size wedding dress from The Darius Collection

Silver plus size wedding dresses from the Darius Collection

Style #19059CC - Plus size beach wedding dresses from Darius

Style #19366CC - Strapless plus size empire waist wedding dresses from Darius

Long sleeve open neckline plus size wedding dress from Darius Bridal

cap sleeve wedding gown for plus size brides


These are just a few examples of the plus size wedding dresses that we can make for you.  You can see more options in our catalog.  All of the designs on our site can be made for a plus size frame.  So please make sure to also visit these links for additional options for bridal gowns that can be made in your plus size measurements.
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We are a professional dress design firm that sells to brides in the UK, Canada and the USA.  Our company is based near Dallas Texas and has been providing elegant plus size wedding dresses to brides all over the globe since 1996.  We can accommodate any women with a lovely and well fitted bridal gowns regardless of your shape, figure or distance.

We understand that most larger brides really prefer to try on plus size bridal gowns off the rack.  Some engaged brides feel it is a requirement in order to figure out what they want.  And some brides just want the experience of shopping for that very special dress.  But in all honesty trying on wedding attire is not a requirement.  Once a bride knows what they like in a picture the most important part is making sure the proper measurements are taken.  This will help the dress  lay on the women’s body correctly even if she lives abroad in Canada or the United Kingdom.  

Many brides to not take this into consideration when they are shopping for plus size bridal gowns.  But a garment from off the rack may have a waist line that is different than the brides.  Therefore the gown does not look good and then it is discarded.  But if that dress was actually made for the individual (and not just made in a size and then cut down) it would look totally different.  The same goes for long sleeve plus size bridal gowns.  Brides need to consider that having a gown made to order is a totally different process than trying on a dress off the rack.

Pictured here are just example of the types of plus size wedding dresses that we can offer.  Any of the styles shown on our site can be made to measure for any larger sized bride of any size & shape.  We request very specific measurements to insure a design can be made according to your specific body dimensions – regardless of the design.  So please browse all of our catalogs to find your dream dress.  We will then make any one of the plus size bridal gowns work properly on your specific body shape and dimensions.  We can produce long sleeve styles for curvy women as well.  So we hope to hear from you soon about the couture one of a kind garments that we offer.  Simply contact us via the form on our contact page with your information.  Your location in the UK or Canada is not a factor. Just let us know what style numbers you are most interested in considering.  We will then reply as promptly as possible with more specifics on how our process works with local and long distance clients. 

We are conveniently based in the City of Frisco, Texas.

New York City, NY is where we have shown many of our designs at Bridal markets.

Pleanty of fuller figured brides in Austin, Texas has utilized our services.

many brides who find us on line are from the Los Angeles, California area.

The northern clients in Chicago, Illinois sometimes prefer long sleeve designs.

The most popular area close to us is Houston, Texas which is south of our city.

Unfortunately we do notget many inquiries from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania plus size brides.

One of the warmer areas we service  is in Phoenix, Arizona.

Our neighbors in San Antonio, Texas have purchased plus size designs from us for years.

Our consumers in the San Diego, California area normally like the higher end garments.

Our fashion designer Darius Cordell was born in Dallas, TX back in 1969.

A popular city in the South West is San Jose, CA.

Several brides of all sizes that reside near Austin, Texas have bought Darius Cordell dresses.

The southern part of the state near Jacksonville, FL have brought us many brides who like our plus size options.

We can make custom designs for brides in San Francisco, California via mail order.

If you are near Indianapolis, Indiana we can help by making custom designs for you without an appointment.

Our frinds over in Columbus, Ohio will really love what we can offer at an affordable price.

Fort Worth, Texas brides can have customized designs made to order with out an appointment.

Our friends over in Charlotte, North Carolina will reach out to us every year for custom dresses.

We do not have many customer inquiries from Detroit, Michigan or the areas surrounding that city.

El Paso, TX is in the furthest west portion of the state but we can still make custom designs for you.

Larger brides from Seattle, Washington do not need to come to us to obtain the perfect dress.

We service plus size brides in Denver, Colorado and the surrounding regions.

Our curvy clients in the north east near Washington, DC love the plus size garments we offer.

The Memphis, Tennessee area loves Darius Cordell Plus Size Bridal options.

Some of our favorite repeat clients are from the Boston, Massachusetts section of the country.

A popular area for us is in Nashville, Tennessee due to the classy & curvy brides who love our designs there.

For years Baltimore, Maryland has been a very popular city for us to sell our plus size bridal gowns.

Our company was founded in Norman which is near Oklahoma City, OK back in 1996.

Portland, Oregon is a beautiful part of the country that has many plus size brides who love our designs.

All types of fun weddings with plus size clients in Las Vegas, Nevada will happen each year.

Rencely engaged brides around Louisville, Kentucky can have couture style designs in their specific body shape.

Our firm provides custom gowns for ladies who live near Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the surrounding areas.

Affordable plus size dresses for clients in Albuquerque, NM are available.

Fuller figured women searching for plus size wedding dresses in Tucson, Arizona can find it all right here.

Fresno, California is an area where we services engaged women of all shapes and sizes.

One of the most popular cities is Sacramento, CA for our plus size bridal clients.

Long Beach, California is a highly populated section of the country where we sertvices fuller figured brides.

Plus Size ladies from Kansas City, Missouri will love our design options.

Brides who live more out west near Mesa, AZ can still have beautiful custom plus size gowns made to order.

A popular location of plus size brides for us is in Atlanta, Georgia where we receive many inquiries.

The lovely Virginia Beach, VA area can receive our custom garments with ease.

Its not a problem to ship custom designs to Omaha, Nebraska for brides who are looking for something different.

It is important to take proper measurements for our buyers in the Colorado Springs, CO area.

The beautiful country near Raleight, NC houses brides of all sizes that we can assist.

Plus size brides wanting a sexier look usually contact Darius from the Miami, Florida sections of that state.

it is no surprise that Oakland, CA while quite populated also has many plus size bridal clients for our company.

Brides from Minneapolis, Minnesota can obtain custom designs for an affordable price.

We sold to girls in Tulsa, Oklahoma many times when we were first started in that state.

Sometimes we may hear from a few brides near Cleveland, OH for custom or special pieces.

The plains of Wichita, Kansas have seen the Darius Collection for many years.

New Orleans, Louisiana is home to several brides that reside in the southwest.

We will never leave out Arlington, Texas as one of the popular cities in our state that loves Darius Cordell Bridal.