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Custom Bridal Gowns

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When we are producing custom bridal gowns one of the the very first questions we ask the bride is what part of her body does she want to show.  For instance do you want a long sleeve to cover your arms. This gives us a great idea of the cut of the wedding garment.  It will let us know if the bride is wanting a strapless bridal design or looking for unique long sleeve wedding dresses.  Or if she is wanting something a bit more modest that has the neckline covered with a sheer illusion fabric for a more conservative look.  We then inquire about what what part of her body does she want to hide or cover up with a sheer or lined material.  Again, this normally helps define the cut of the wedding garment which is the hardest part of figuring out what a bride wants.  We then say if you could have any thing you want for your special custom made dress what would it be.  Or how about as you are browsing through your bridal gown magazines which ones do you say I wish I could wear that dress.  If you could wear whatever you want what would that look like.  Don’t even think about your body shape or size.  Just let us know what type of wedding dresses you like.  Normally this gives us a great starting point as to how to design a unique couture one of a kind piece just for her.  It provides us with a base design.  That is because our custom bridal gowns are made to measure for the individual person.  We don’t just cut down to size.  We can proportion the wedding design according to the individual that is located in the UK, Canada or here in America.  That is why we say we provide true custom wedding dresses for our brides.  For example even though two brides may be able to wear the same size that does not mean that size is going to fit them the same.  One may have a longer torso or a wider rib cage.  All of those dimensions come into play when designing wedding dresses for a specific individual.

Posted within our site are examples of the types of quality custom bridal gowns we can produce for brides in the UK, Canada and the USA.   Notice most are strapless styles however we do have some long sleeve wedding dresses pictured.  But because we are the actual design firm the sky is the limit.  The possibilities of our custom wedding dresses are endless.  You can literally have any type of garment you want.  We have made Indian wedding dresses, bridal sarees and other styles for cultural ceremonies.  Brides needing a destination gown or a dress for their beach wedding that is not an issue either.  So as you look at each one of our designer wedding dresses please keep those things in mind.

All custom wedding dresses made by our design firm can be made to order with any changes and however you like.  You can make a strapless gown in to a long sleeve style.  You can make a mermaid fitted dress into a ball gown skirt.  Whatever you need for your wedding attire we can do.  Just let us know your preferences and we can produce it the way you want.  When it comes to custom bridal gowns your location in the United Kingdom, Canada or the USA is not an issue.  We can work with brides who are long distance and from any part of the world.