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Pageant Dresses

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When Darius Cordell started nearly two decades ago our main focus was on providing quality pageant attire to young ladies in the Miss America and Miss USA pageantry systems.  Since that time our fashion company has grown to include a variety of other types of designer women’s clothing.  However we still have a strong passion for beaded dresses to be worn at a beauty pageant.

Back in the 80’s and 90’s the heavily beaded and rhinestone evening gowns were all the rage.  Most of the contestants on the stage were wearing liquid beaded pageant gowns.  Long Sleeve pageant wear was also very popular during that time.  You do not see that happening too much in todays beauty competitions.  But that does not mean custom pageant dresses with long sleeves are not produced.  From time to time we still get request for designer competition gowns with heavy beading and crystals adorned all over the long garment.  Of course pricing will vary but a good rule of thumb is the more hand beading that is involved the higher the cost.

Our custom made pageant dresses start at $800 and go up from there.  We can sketch some designs for you to consider that are based on your preferences and needs.  Or we can also recreate a gown designs from a picture and manufacture it however you like – either as shown or with any change that you may want.  Please allow ample time for the production of all designer pageant gowns especiall y if you are located in the UK or Canada.  We prefer to have approximately 12 week.  But depending on the style we can rush an order in approximately 4 weeks.

Just email us for pricing, times, options and more details about custom pageant dresses and we will respond as promptly as possible.