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Pictured here are mere examples of the types of custom evening dresses we can produce.
To see more options of long sleeve designer gowns that can be customized however you like please go to our catalog. You can also email us a picture that we can replicate.


To see a catalog of formal ball gowns you can choose from please click here.

Darius Cordell has been known for producing the most incredible custom evening dresses for women who have a very discerning taste.  Our clients don’t want a special occasion ball gown that can be purchased anywhere off the rack. They want to make sure that when they walk into a gala or function that the formal dress that is worn is a couture one of a kind piece of clothing that was made just for them. This is why our services are unique to a specific type of buyer in Canada, UK and the USA.  We can design formal ball gowns for you based on your preferences, you’re requirements and your specifications.  Long Sleeve Evening Dresses are also available.  The darius cordell couture collection of designer special occasion dresses are totally customizable.

Many more mature women want to cover their arms when wearing a formal dress with a long sleeve or some type of jacket.  The good thing is that normally our site will appear in the engine rankings when someone is searching for long sleeve evening dresses.  This is because all of the formal ball gowns we sell can be made with some type of cap, short or long sleeve to cover that fuller part of the upper arm.  We also specialize in strapless and a-line styles which are normally the more popular cuts.  When the design allows we make detachable spaghetti straps for all strapless evening dresses just in case a client changes their mind.  We do not get very many request for tea length skirts but it is an option that is available to any of the consumers we serve.  Basically whatever you want in an evening wear piece for a military ball or other function we can provide it for you with out any problems. Custom made evening dresses for women in the United Kingtdom, canada and the USA are our specialty.  So whatever type of gown you need we can provide it for you.

If you have been considering custom made evening dresses instead of something from off a sale rack but thought you could not afford it then do not worry any longer.  Please email us an image of a design you were considering. It can be a short or long sleeve dress.  We may be able to make it for you for far less than anyone else could do for you.  By just changing the fabric content we may be able to reduce the cost by more than 50%.  So please check with us first before you purchase any long sleeve formal ball gowns for your special occasions.  We hope to hear from you soon in regards to your couture evening wear garment.