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Specializing in Custom one of kind Evening Gowns & Wedding Dresses for all sizes!

We are a dress design firm based near Dallas Texas that has been in existence since 1996.  We specialize in custom made formal wear evening dresses and bridal wedding attire.  Our company began in Norman Oklahoma.  Initially we only sold our evening dress designs wholesale to wedding salons, bridal shops and high end dress boutiques all across America.  Eventually our studio was set up like a traditional bridal store.  In 1998 we relocated the company to Frisco Texas which is just 25 minutes north of Dallas.  After our move to Texas  we published our first website.  And that is when we began allowing the retail consumer to purchase from us directly at a retail cost.    

Our retail price point starts at $500.  Our company prefers to use higher end fabrics and jewels with each of our fashion designer dresses.  But we can also use cost effective materials and embellishments for those who are on a tighter budget and need to spend a bit less.  Since we the actual evening gown designers and because of our mainly mail order process we have a little more flexibility in our pricing.

Most of our clients are women from out of state and abroad who are looking for special bridal gown designers.  A client will pick a design from our site.  They will then let us know about any changes they need. They will take our measurement form to their local tailor.  They will then take the measurements we need based on the diagram on our form.  Once a buyer submits that form to us along with the order form we will make their custom garment according to those measurements.  We mostly work with local and long distance clients via mail, email and fax.  We do so in an effort to try and keep the cost down for the consumer.  However private one on one consultations with our design team are available for clients with a higher price range.

Some times a customer may want a custom dress from a local dress designer.  However they are not really certain of what they actually want.  You will also hear a buyer ponder over what cut of evening gown will work on their body shape.  This is where we step in.  As fashion designers who specialize in formal dresses we can gather all the pertinent information from the buyer. After we feel we have all the necessary information we will put all of those preference together in a sketch for a client. Your item is made to look like the sketch and match all of your personal preferences.

Sometimes a consumer can not purchase an evening gown from a sketch.  This actually happens more frequently with brides.  So we give them the option of choosing a design as a base. It can either from our site or from a picture they like on the internet.  Then as wedding dress designers we will then sometimes modify that design for them to fit within the style & taste of the bride.  A sketch is normally drawn for the client.  This sometimes makes it easier for a client to visualize their preferences.

So if you are looking for American wedding dress designers or a retail bridal shop near Dallas Texas who can produce a couture one of a kind evening gown then we are the couture dress firm who can help.

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