Do many brides wait to the last minute and order wedding dresses on a Rush? No, and there is a reason why!

Bride running late becasue of a rush order on her wedding dress - Darius Cordell

Rush Orders are not discouraged by our dress design firm.  But understandably rush orders are also not ideal for any bride.

It is wise for all brides who are ordering #weddingdresses for what some would say is the most important day of their life to allow as much time as possible for production AND the shipping process to avoid any potential problems.

Even though we will do all we can to make a garment on a rush in approxiamtely 8 weeks (and sometimes depending on the design in as little as 2-4 weeks) it is still not the ideal situation.  It can be stressful and cause some brides to panic and become overly emotional.  This is not the feeling you want weeks before your wedding.  

Some brides overlook it but we do disclose on our order forms that we “do not guarantee” rush orders will be shipped or deliverd on or by any specific date – especailly when dealing with a 3rd party shipment carrier.  There is alot that goes on behind the sceneces to get a wedding dress ready for a bride.  Sadly we have even had Fedex and other carriers lose a brides dress in transit.  But if enough time is allowed between the time of order and the wear date another dress can be made.  

Running Bride late to the altar - darius Cordell  There have been a few brides over the decades that will have a back up plan just in case.  Some places will allow you to place an off the rack sample on hold just in case your made to order dress does not make it by the time you need it.  Savy brides will always have that logical back up plan for rush order situations.  It still does not remove the potential of undo stress and worry.  But if you are a bride who is clear from teh begining it does make it a bit easier on all who is involed in the rush order transaction.

The bottom line is even though many companies will offer a rush services on a made to order product it is ALWAYS best to allow more than ample time for prouduction & shipping of any product that is going to be used for a one-time occasion – especially when it is being made to order and not already made.  

We hope we have not discouraged those few brides frrom placing a rush order.  But it is better to be upfront than to have a bride misunderstand the disclosures we provide.  Let us know which design you are considering for a rush order so we can advise the potential and approximate delivery date.